My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.
— Steve McCurry

What you need to know about me

Things I can't get enough of: strong coffee, trash reality TV, traveling to new places, my dogs Waffles & Ginger, foodventures, and my best friend/husband Will.

The Office: I will never stop watching reruns of this show, ever.

I have a degree in English literature. I never used it for anything.


Puns and dad jokes are my favorite. I can get out of hand with these if the mood strikes.

I snort really loud when I laugh sometimes. Sorry.

My mom is my favorite teacher (I was homeschooled).




Hey there peeps. I'm River, a photographic storyteller hunting for moments and documenting things that otherwise might fade from memory. I'm obsessed with moody black and whites, with wind that whips hair and skirts into a beautiful mad frenzy, with sunlight glimmering on the water at the end of the day, with self-discovery and personal empowerment... and most of all with people who are not afraid to be themselves. Photography helps me see.

I live in Atlanta Georgia, where humidity and a southern drawl are never too far away. I love coffee, adventures, and exploring new places.

Will travel basically anywhere for a chance to photograph an amazing story.