Ashton Gardens Wedding | Edwin + Shoma | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Edwin and Shoma were wed in a beautiful chapel mid-morning earlier this month in a ceremony focused on faith and unity. They’re such a joyful, sweet couple - and I’d like you to hear a bit about their story directly from them! Ed and Shoms, thank you for including me in your special day. Here is just a peek at the documentation of your day… all my love!!!

August 11th 2018 is the day that we hoped, prayed and planned for, for over a year. As the months went by and the days got closer to our wedding day, we couldn't contain our excitement in the details, plans and the thrill of being married to each other. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected twist to our story. We received the news that our dad was diagnosed with cancer, a couple of months before our special day. Life hit us hard. With a lot of uncertainty and uneasiness, together we decided that now wasn't the right time to finish up the final details of our wedding. Instead, we decided to  cancel the wedding and wait till the time was right. We weren't sure if it would be a year or years from now, but the focus at the moment was family. As months went by, dad expressed his desire to walk his baby girl down the aisle. Within 4 weeks, a new location, new vendors, and a new date later, we had a wedding on our hands! With excitement a father only gets the day of his daughter's wedding, and a huge smile on his face, dad got to walk his girl down the aisle on September 1st. We realized that although life didn't give us the glamour that we typically see the year leading up to a wedding, we got to uniquely experience the reality of marriage by fighting through the thick and the thin as one. Though our plans may have changed, there were so many lessons that we learned together leading up to the altar. We learned to cling tight to these moments without letting them pass by so freely. That it is worth waiting for that moment of joy in a trying season, and that ultimately: love always wins. 

Anderson Sunflower Field Engagement | Melissa + Destany | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple in a gorgeous sunflower field! I am so excited for their wedding next year, and in love with the photos we made together. Here’s a glimpse of these two babes engagement session.

Downtown Atlanta Couples Session | Woodruff Park, Centennial Olympic, Rooftop

Meet Courtney and Lonnie - two damn fine people who were sooo easy and fun to hang out with and photograph! I’m in love with the shots we created and the beautiful light we had on that beautiful Friday evening. Enjoy this glimpse into their perfect downtown sesh!

Eloping in Ireland | Hannah and Freddie's Wicklow wedding adventure

Oh man, how do I even begin this post? First: Hannah is one of my most dearly loved, longtime friends. We have seen each other through some crazy stuff in our ten+ year friendship - which is why I was crying (really profuse) happy tears all day as she married the perfect man for her, Freddie. Ever since I met him a year and a half ago, I see how happy he makes my friend and how well they sync up - how genuine, stable, and loving their connection is (and you will to in these photos!). This all overwhelmed me with joy to be there with them on their special day!

When Hannah and Freddie contacted me and told me they were planning to elope overseas, I was 100% ready for wherever they chose and so excited. The area of Wicklow, Ireland is where they selected and man, it did not disappoint. The day was PERFECT, fun, spontaneous, sleep-deprived (we all got two hours of sleep the night before, oops), emotional, unforgettable. One of my favorite things about eloping is how personal the touches are and how non-fussy you can be - how honoring the love shared and experiencing the moment are at center stage. Hannah's bouquet was foraged from the roadside by me, their cakes were bought at a little gas station, their beer was brought overseas from a brewery in the city where they shared their first trip together. Freddie's Ireland-inspired pocketsquare was handmade by him and his mom - he wore a pin from Westworld (one of the couples favorite shows), and fun accessories. They both wrote their vows by hand. Hannah did her own makeup, and I did her hair! (Jack of all trades here.) There was no schedule to keep to, no plan to worry about.

Are you thinking of eloping? I asked Hannah to do a little blurb to explain why she and Freddie chose elopement, and how it ended up being as an experience. Cheers! And then onto the photos!!!

Freddie and I decided to elope for many reasons, but the main reason was love. We wanted to share our deepest emotions with each other, alone, with no one to distract us. No one to pressure us into doing what they wanted, no one complaining about anything, no one to please but ourselves. Let me tell you now, it. was. magical. It surpassed all expectations! Our ceremony was so intimate and emotional that I still get chills thinking about it. We got to be completely vulnerable with each other because there was no one there making us feel uncomfortable in doing so. And our venue? Well, let the pictures explain the benefits of that one! I've had the big wedding once. It was stressful, busy, and not as intimate as I wanted it. I've also photographed weddings. In my opinion, big weddings tend to become a sort of distraction for the couple. I didn't want that. That's why we eloped. Many would argue "well what about sharing with family and friends?" Easy. Have a reception when you get home. So if you're on the fence, as Shia Labeouf would say, JUST DO IT!
- Hannah W.

Juliette Chapel Wedding | Sara + John | Dahlonega Wedding Photographers

My friends John and Sara are not only a blast to hang out with and know, but dang they're photogenic too! Oh, and totally married now too! Congrats to these cat loving, yoga-doing, vegan baking, piano playing, silly face making wonderful weirdos. Here's a brief highlight reel of their day... enjoy!

Invitations: Vistaprint
Bride's Dress: David's Bridal
Groomswear: TheBlackTux
Wooden Bow Ties: Mr. Van
Catering: HOMESPUN