Gabby and Wes's Neverland Wedding | Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographers

First let me begin by saying this couple is unbelievably sweet and heartfelt!! Not just with each other, but with their friends and family. Gabby's mom Mariscela beamed with absolutely unfiltered bride and joy all day at her daughter and new son - declarations of love were given to all and by all, so many kisses on the cheek for all who attended - Mari even stopped me at one point to tell me how thankful she was to have me there. I felt humbled and so glad to be part of the day, and so very appreciated! The day simply overflowed with joy and happiness. Gabby hand crocheted her bridesmaids their favorite flowers as a surprise gift and the ladies were SO surprised. Women from Gabby's side of the family presented her with a special brooch they all wore on THEIR wedding days and tears were shed by all. Little touches like the arras coins being given and confetti-filled cascarones being smashed over the couple's heads really put a unique and personal touch on this lovely wedding day. Here is just a small, small preview of the largest wedding image collection I've ever delivered (final image count of over 1,500 images). Oh, ps... this was my 200th wedding to date. Cheers all around! Congrats Gabby and Wes! I so love you and your crew - thanks so much for including me in your day!