Anderson Sunflower Field Engagement | Melissa + Destany | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple in a gorgeous sunflower field! I am so excited for their wedding next year, and in love with the photos we made together. Here’s a glimpse of these two babes engagement session.

The Sam Hurd EPIC Atlanta Workshop

Earlier this year I attended the Sam Hurd EPIC Workshop. Not only is Sam an amazing photographer with a very unique perspective + groundbreaking methods, he's an even better person - real, kind, helpful, and full of infectious enthusiasm for his craft. It was a great experience (I've always been a little wary of workshops and if they'll actually benefit me much - this one was worth every penny!). Since walking away from the experience, I've incorporated some of the things Sam taught/made me think about and am really grateful for the learning opportunity. Here's some images from the live shoot we did - both of the couple and of behind the scenes! PSA: you're gonna see some photos of my super-talented bud Kevin because he's adorable and I like to show him off.

Cator Woolford/Decatur Courthouse Elopement | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Brandon called me about a week before he and John decided to elope at the courthouse, and I was so excited to be part of their day. They've been together for years and years - and finally were able to go to their local court and be married. Their happiness was totally contagious. Before we went to the courthouse, we spent some time in the beautiful gardens at Cator Woolford where the boys exchanged vows and rings with each other. It was the perfect day. I'm so humbled at the places and lives my job takes me into. Congrats John and Brandon! All my love.

Fabulous Fox Theatre Egyptian Wedding | Rick Twombley + Griff King | Atlanta Wedding Photography

This wedding was unlike anything I've ever seen or been a part of before! First, it starred the incomparable Rick and Griff - you can find these two beautiful goofballs on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook - usually mostly naked, singing/dancing, or exercising (or some combination of the three). I knew their wedding would be unique and over-the-top amazing, but I had no idea how so! The setting was the gorgeous Fox Theatre which is so colorful and lavish to begin with - then you throw in some drag queens and a cabaret show with endless/amazing live performances - custom made Egyptian inspired gowns for the wedding party - and personal messages from the wonderful guest of honor Carol Channing - and voila, you have one of the coolest weddings I've ever been to.

Follow the day with the images below, starting at the boys' home and progressing to the main event. These images are just a glimpse of the magic. Congrats to the new Mr & Mr! So happy I got to be part of the fun.