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Historic Dekalb Courthouse Wedding | Laura and David's Stylish Atlanta Nuptials

I’ve been dying to share this amazing DIY wedding with you guys! Firstly, I was blown away by Laura’s aesthetic and execution of her vision. The day was so modern, classy, romantic, and artful. The venues, clothing choices, everything was just LIT!!! But besides that - Laura and David just exude this beautiful energy and love for each other. They ADORE each other - David sang Laura a song during their vows - and being part of their intimate tiny wedding/elopement was so fun for me. Congrats again Mr and Mrs! Enjoy this tiny preview of your day!

Skyline Wilderness Park / Napa Valley Wedding | Sonoma California Photographers

Brenna and Wright live in the beautiful Napa valley with their adorable son - they were married last month in one of the prettiest places I've seen and I feel so lucky to have been along for this intimate wedding. Not only was the location and event beautiful, the people - Brenna and Wright - are absolute solid gold humans. I'm so glad that they and all their family/friends were safe during the fires that swept the valley recently. Some places pictured here have burnt or been damaged, but thankfully no one was hurt. A reminder to hold your beloved ones close, because there's no telling what tomorrow could bring.