I specialize in providing Atlanta area families documentary, fine-art inspired at home photography
You'll cherish these photos that tell the story of who you are in the home you have shared, created, and grown.

Over the years I've photographed so many families smiling pretty dressed in coordinating outfits lounging in a beautiful nature scene... and what you don't know is that getting those photos is usually comparable to a marathon and/or military torture. The kids want to run and play instead of sit and look happy - or they want a snack, or are so overstimulated that they can't concentrate on taking family photos. Now, while traditional family photos do have their value and definitely should happen once a year or so, they're missing something. Home is a house, but it's the tribe within that house. There is something so personal, real, and beautiful about being welcomed into people's homes and seeing a glimpse of their everyday life together. I encourage my families who book these sessions to embrace and let time together unfold. And the sessions aren't limited to lounging around the house - let's play in the yard, walk down the street, bake cookies or have a bubble bath. These are the moments that are gone so quickly and worth so much.